[Latest] Mighty Purse – The world first cell phone charging purse

Technology is drastically evolving! Look at what it can do to your cell phones. Recently, it was reported in the news that Australia had launches this high tech handbag known as the Mighty Purse – the worlds first cell phone charging purse. It is reported at BusinessWire.com blog here.

[Source : BusinessWire.com]

As quoted from the site :

It can also be quite a vulnerable experience to be without technology these days, and it’s reassuring to know that you’ll never be left powerless in a pinch.

This is GREAT, but hold on, although the purses and bags contain a hidden lightweight built-in battery, ranging from 3000 mAh to 4000 mAh in power –  check out the cost, it is priced ranging at the lowers $89 – over $200 and the design is ONLY for woman.

Look at what we have here FOR YOU. Take a look – Men and Women, I’ll tell you why later in this post..

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We called it The Wallet In Charge!

Before reading our introduction to this brand new innovation, perhaps you would like to read what The HButler Group got to say about their Mighty Purse. We append the article below :

HButler: Mighty Purse, the Worlds First Cell Phone Charging Purse from Australia, Launches New Range of Fashion Forward Styles

New high-tech handbags flag fashionable future.

 LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Women worldwide can keep the power in their hands thanks to Mighty Purse’s expanded range of stunning purses and handbags that recharge your smartphone, set to be showcased at the world’s largest tech trade show, CES, in Las Vegas on January 5th, 2017.

A fusion between fashion and technology, the Mighty Purse is an essential handbag accessory for the modern day woman. The purses and bags contain a hidden lightweight built-in battery, ranging from 3000 mAh to 4000 mAh in power – enough to more than double the battery life of most smart phones. The phone is charged simply by plugging it into Mighty Purse’s built-in battery, which is compatible with most smartphones including iPhones (MFI adapter included.)

Developed by Australian wearable tech brand, HButler, a new and extensive selection of the already popular Mighty Purse will be exhibited at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada between January 5th and 8th, 2017. The new range offers a full gamut of colors, sizes, shapes, designs and functions to suit any outfit or occasion – from the small wristlet for carrying a cell and credit cards to a large reversible tote for carrying all your essentials.

Included in the new collection will also be a new vegan leather range called Spark, which uses faux leather to create stylish leather-look alternatives.

The Mighty Purse is the original recharging purse for women, introduced into the US market in 2013 by Australian-based fashion expert Ana Slavka and her husband Stephan Kljajic. The brand has experienced great success over the last three years, prompting the savvy duo to meet the demand for greater variety in style, color and form.
Slavka says that each product in the range offers the functionality of a rechargeable battery and built-in cables with more than a dozen styles to suit every taste.

“Fashion and form are important, but so too is function – the modern-day accessory needs to not only hold your personal tech items, but keep them charged and ready for use,” said Slavka. “It can also be quite a vulnerable experience to be without technology these days, and it’s reassuring to know that you’ll never be left powerless in a pinch.”

The new range will include genuine leather purses and bags including the Mighty Purse Wristlet, Mighty Purse Trio Bag, XL Cross Body Bag, Mighty Purse Charging Wallet (and phone case), Zipper Wallet Saffiano, Mighty Purse Geo Clutch and X-Body, and Mighty Purse Fringe Suede Bag, with prices starting from US$99.99.

The Vegan Leather Spark Range includes a Spark Wristlet, Reversible Tote and Flap X-Body Bag, with prices starting from US$69.99.

Mighty Purse and Spark Vegan Leather products are distributed through over 2,000 active retailers in the US and can be purchased online via www.hbutler.co.


HButler was established in 2008 by husband and wife team, fashion-expert Ana Slavka and giftware entrepreneur Stephan Kljajic in Sydney, Australia.

HButler built a credible reputation as a gift handbag accessories company, forging a niche in the wearable technology market with the introduction of The Mighty Purse into the US market in 2013, a beautifully crafted, high quality fash-tech item which has enjoyed global success.


Now, here is ours..

Genuine Leather Wallet  – New design 8000mAh Portable Charger

Like we state earlier they only produce a PURSE. Men will not carry a purse with them BUT women are flexible creatures 🙂 For as long at the item is nice and luxurious, they are on it! Our extraordinary Wallet in Charge design are meant for BOTH men and women although originally it was designed for men.

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So, does it looks like only for men? For all women out there, if you want this you can have it. It looks as elegant on you as it is on men. Enjoy your holidays and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Welcome 2017!