[Exclusive] Featured Products – Smart Watch with GPS Real time Tracking APP – A Review

What a technology! Never lose track of your love ones again with GPS trackers not only for kids but even your spouses. But is it necessary?

Although there are many kinds of smartwatches for kids on the market now, these GPS trackers are slightly different. With a GPS system you can pinpoint the exact position of the person you’re looking for using a map or an APP on your smartphone or tablet.

We are reviewing one of our exclusive featured product just recently added, Smart watch GPS locator bracelet.

This device supports both GPS and LBS dual positioning. GPS is mainly for outdoor positioning and LBS is for indoor location. Users will be able to track live their kids or love ones via Google Map by an APP in mobile phone. It will keep records of the historical route in the period of 3 months. Parents are able to check the records on their smartphones. After setting up the geofence alert notification will be sent if your love ones are out of range set up within the circles. The call button function are the same and ordinary voice call and voice messages can be made.






Product Interface



Call Button: User can press call button to initiate a phone call to the contacts in phonebook. gps  tracker watch
Power  Press power button for 3-5 seconds to power on the device.gps watch
Mini USB Port:  Connect mini USB port to computer via USB cable for charging the device. Часы
SIM Card Slot:  Insert Mirco SIM card with GSM band before using the device.
Features: watch tracker
1. LBS tracking: If there doesn’t have gps signal, the smart watch tracker will auto change to positioning by LBS.
2. Phonebook: User can press the “Call” button on the watch tracker and then choose one contact number from the phonebook to initiate a call. Maximum 10 cotnact numbers can be setted up in the phonebook.
3. SMS query location: User can send this SMS command “pw,123456,url#” to the SIM number in the smart watch gps tracker, then it will reply a google map link to the mobilephone.  GPS Watch Tracker
4. Live tracking online via web platform or APP.Watch gps tracker
5. Track playback.Smart Watch Phone
6. Voice monitoring remotely.
7. Electronic fence.Watch
8. GPS+LBS+WiFi   Triple Positioning. T  racking Device
9. HD two-way hands-free callsies.Personal Tracker
11. Support for Android, IOS systems APP interface, easy to operate.GPS Tracker
12. Two-color silicone strap mold, more comfortable to wear.
13. The device can setup GPS data uploading interval in working mode setting, which it is related to the standby time of battery:

      * Tracking every 30 seconds: Fast positioning mode and standby time is 8 hours;
       *  Tracking every 10 minutes: Standard positioning and standby time is 48 hours;
       *  Tracking every 1 hour: Power saving mode and standby time is over 72 hours.

14. The default language of this watch tracker is English only (not the APP language, the APP language just supports English and Chinese) , but it also can be configured to below languages: Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Turkish, German, French, Simplified Chinese, so if you need above language, please contact us after you placed order, otherwise we will send the English version watch to you!

APP Operate Pages

Login the APP
Click the icon “Aibeile” on desktop and then login the ID and the password of the device (the default password is 123456). User can alsologin by username, userneed to contact reseller to register an username if need to login by username.
Live tracking 
User can live track both the positioin of gps tracker and smartphone via the app. For indoor location, gps tracker get the position by WiFi mapping and LBS, For outdoor position, gps tracker getposition by GPS.
Voice talkback
User can send voice message to gps tracker by pressing “Hold to talk” on smartphone, and user can also the press “Call button” on the gps watch to record voice message and then send it to smartphone.
Previous track playback
Previous track could find the route map for nearly three months by choosing the beginning and ending time.
Click on the upper right corner  “+ ”  under main menu for setup geofence.Then the device will lock device’s present position as center automatically, then adjust the radius distance by “+” “-” on map (default radius is 100 meters, recommended radius is 500 meters) .Save settings by clicking “Save”. The device will send message when the device is out of the range.
Select “settings” in main front menu, then you will enter into settings of the device. Settings includes: Working mode, Admin number, Whitelist, Phonebook, Voice Monitoring, Language and Timezone, Remote Shutdown, Ddeviceinfo and Change password.
User can check the GPS tracker status remotely via Android/iOS APP or PC !

About web tracking platform:

* User can log in the web platform via this link: en.i365gps.com , this platform is free for using lifetime, it is a big advantage than other trackers, this means you can save much cost for tracking !

* Web tracking platform support multiple languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish,Turkey, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Swedish, Chinese. kids smart watch.


About Android/IOS mobile tracking: wristwatch

* For Android, You can download the APP from “play store” by searching “Aibeile”
* For iPhone, You can download the APP from “app store” by searching “Aibeile”
* The APP can also be acquired by scanning the QR code below:



Get it here, CLICK HERE