Anti Spy Quality Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film for iPhone

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Anti-shatter Privacy Protection Film


High Quality Special Material- real tempered class

Made from real tempered glass. especially different from the common film.

With industry leading technology. made the surface hardness up to 9h and the thickness fine to 0.26m

After coating oil processing. made the touch surface slick and anti anything residual

With industry leading technology. made the the corner of film in 2.5D arc edge

Peculiar function: 

Anti-spy(100 Degree. 0 Vision)

Anti shatter(Cracks into small pieces to avoid phone broken)

Explosion-proof(Protect your phone when fall off) 

Anti-fingerprint (Touch with nothing residue)

Above the special material and function. bring you unusual experience as followed

Prevent privacy of your phone from your surrounding person.only you can see the phone screen

Enjoy the second life. if your phone dose broke with tempered glass. the tempered glass breaks into small pieces that stick together to let your phone be in perfect condition

Touch sensitively and comfortably. better to use your cell phone

Visual experience clearer. let the screen look more attractive

Enjoy install experience personally. so easy to adhere without bubble 

Keep your cell phone forever new and extend the your cell phone life

Retain the advantages of other ordinary film

Buffer and shock absorption when your cell phone  accidentally slide

Compatible with:  For iPhone


×1 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

×1 Alcohol Cleaning Pad